Thai Teak Marine Co., Ltd.

Since the early 70’s Thai Teak Marine have delivered the finest Teak-wood fittings to the boating industry.

Teak wood is often used in marine applications, boatbuilding, furniture and flooring and for the high quality Teak, color and grain pattern will vary always making each and every piece uniquely wonderful. Teak is a very durable hardwood with excellent split resistance. Often chosen for its beautiful olive-brown or yellow-brown color which will become more golden as time progresses. Density is 45 pounds per cubic foot. Above amongst the reasons why Thai Teak Marine have chosen only Teak as the main material for our products which is manufactured at our own factory by skilled craftsmen with a lifelong experience working with Teakwood for Thai Teak Marine.

At Thai Teak Marine we only using prime quality Grade A (Golden Teak) our products made to order, give the boat owner the best of all worlds: magnificent teak, crafted by skilled Thai artisans into elegant and useful marine accessories. Our Teak comes from known quality producers where the timber is selected by us for consistent colour and grain structure suitable for marine applications. We avoid buying fast grown material from some plantations where the quality is inconsistent, and unsuitable for high quality work such as boat decking.

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